Happy Birthday Puchku

Happy bday to you

Happy bday to you

Happy bday dear Puchku 

Happy bday to you.
Puchku I am missing you a lot. There is not even a single moment when i don’t miss you. Hehehehhe your eyes always makes each one of us smile no matter what the condition is.

Puchku, i am having something with me yar it is lonliness. Pata ni kyu puchku. Puchku teko sab pata hai. Yar tu na bs sabko happy rakh bs.

Hehhehe dekh tere bday par bhi mai apni story lekar baith gaya. Heheheh kya karu yar koi milta hi ni. Chal yar aache se enjoy karna apna bday.

And take care of her puchku warna na pitti pitti hogi………

I love you A

Happy Birthday once again Puchku.




The most tragic moment of my life
On 18th march we became friends and started chatting with each other. We enjoyed that moment.

After some time we started sharing thoughts. We liked each others way of thinking.

On 30th March we decided to meet, but was unable to.
I was very upset, but she supported me and said hope for the future. That day I saw her last time.

Than came 1st April And she started making foolish excuses.

And finally on 20th May I realized that now I never ever wanna see her face again.

But I will not reveal the name because I am a human with self esteem.

And now I don’t care…

Did You tried??


Did You tried to find out about me?    Did You tried to find out what I feel?
Did You ever thought to explain me the reason of this separation?
Did You ever tried to know how I am?

Do you care for me?  But you know I care for you.
Do You know, I want to hate you,
But I am unable to.
Do you know I still want you back.
And all I know is that I want you back.

I don’t know what will happen in future.
Please come back…..



Now a days very few people are left who can be trusted.
But unfortunately I met a wrong one.
I regret what I did.
Like a stupid I trusted someone.
But it took no time to realize me to not to trust anyone so easily.

Relations are just like crystal if once broken, it cannot be made again shine like before.

But very few people are left who understand this.

Now all I am left with are  just  those memories and sweet moments.
But I want to forget all of them because



Everyday, I wake up with a hope to talk to you.
But this never happens.
But I love to hope this again and again.
Because there is a special charm in it.

Everyday before My meal, I think whether You had or not.
Everyday I try to find answer That, if you wanted to leave me than why did You came.
If you wanted to hurt me. What was The point of making me happy.

Every night I wish you good night and pray to God to bless you and take care of You.

Everyday l hope……….



Thanks a lot for coming into my life.
Thanks a lot for leaving me alone.
Thanks a lot for giving me your precious time.
Thanks a lot for making me realize that I am special.

Thanks a lot to make me learn to not to trust anyone so easily.
Thanks a lot for breaking my trust, my faith which I had for you.

Thanks a lot for making all those fake promises that you made to me.
Thanks a lot for those emotional dialogs.

May be you forget me after some time.
But, I will not forget you ever.

May you get all the happiness in your Life and all your dreams come true, because good wishes of me are always with you.


I Think…….


I think what would have been if i haven’t met you???
Maybe I would not have been so happy, as much happy I am now.

But at last you left me alone.
I think that it would have been better if you haven’t came into my life.

But I wish you to be happy always my TEDDY …..


Those Memorable Days


I wish I had a time machine
So that I could relive my past
Relive that moment that I spent with you
And make a promise to never leave you

Although there are problems
But I am ready to face them
But the life is all about
But I still wish to relive my past

My best wishes are always there with you.